Fleeing Los Angeles Car Theft Suspect Gets Pantsed

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Well that’s embarrassing.

Cities like Los Angeles have seen such an upswing in crime in recent years, police pursuits of stolen cars are just commonplace. And just when we think we’ve seen it all, some guy led police on a chase in a stolen Mercedes, flies an unidentified flag through the sunroof, then gets his pants stuck, finally doing a front flip to surrender to police.

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The chase lasted a long time, beginning just before 3 pm on September 21 and ending at 4:20, says KTLA. Some people have an opinion on how law enforcement allows these long, drawn-out chases to unfold. Then there are people who think the Arkansas way of just pitting suspects into the stratosphere isn’t good.

Eventually, the suspect pulled off the highway and while on surface streets got boxed in by a civilian in a pickup truck. Some residents are probably getting sick of all the crime, so when they can they’re stepping up to do what the police can’t or won’t.

For whatever reason, as the suspect was surrendering, he climbed out of the open driver’s window instead of opening the door. In the process, the guy’s pants got stuck on something, leading to a rather embarrassing situation.

Finally free himself, he did a rather clumsy forward flip, keeping his hands up and arms outstretched, almost like he’s been arrested more than a few times.

If anyone knows for sure what flag this suspect is flying in the videos, tell us. We’re not sure if he’s making some sort of political statement with it, but flying a flag while leading police on a chase is highly unusual, even in a crazy place like LA.

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