iPad Helps Police Find Child Taken In Stolen Car

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We’re glad the child is okay.

Having a car stolen is stressful, but when your child was inside it and is missing, that adds to the stress immensely. That’s what a woman in Atlanta faced on the night of September 5. Thankfully, an iPad left inside the vehicle helped police find its location and recover the child unharmed.

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The call for the stolen car and abducted child came in at about 9:52 pm on September 5. Keeping the Kia running, the mother went inside a Texaco gas station with her other child to get something for the second child. We’re guessing the child left in the vehicle was asleep and the mother didn’t want to wake the kid up.

While the mother and older child were in the gas station, someone took the vehicle. Thankfully, the child who was with the mother kept a level head, realizing there was an iPad inside the Kia, and was able to pick up its location.

Police say the stolen vehicle was just .4 miles away. It’s entirely possible the thief realized quickly there was a child in the car and dumped it, not wanting to deal with the consequences of a kidnapping. That person locked the vehicle, so officers had to break a window to get inside the rescue the child.

We have to mention that leaving your child unattended inside a car, whether it’s running or not, isn’t a good idea. Atlanta police in its Facebook post about this situation didn’t even mention that, instead telling citizens to keep their car turned off, doors locked, and valuables removed. Your child should be worth more than all your valuables, so definitely don’t leave them alone in your vehicle, even for just a few minutes.

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