Half-Naked Golf Cart Thief Leads California Police On Slow Chase

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Never change, California.

At this point we don’t know why any zoos in California get visitors since the cities themselves seem to be far more bizarre. Case in point: a man wearing no shirt and no shoes stole a golf cart at knifepoint all while holding his little dog, then led Los Angeles police on a low-speed chase. It’s like a scene out of a bad comedy movie, only this is reality.

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This chase unfolded on the night of September 24 after someone called police to report the robbery just after 9 pm, reports ABC 7. Why the suspect decided to steal the golf cart is a mystery, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say this has something to do with mental illness, drug use, or perhaps both.

Footage captured by multiple local news agencies show the slow police chase. As the suspect passed camera crews he yelled at them, obviously agitated about something, maybe being filmed but maybe being chased by police.

The chase reportedly hit speeds upwards of 19 mph. We think to have made it a fairer match, police should’ve been required to run or ride bikes during the pursuit. The exercise wouldn’t have hurt LAPD. It also would’ve made the low-speed chase more entertaining for us to watch, so a win-win-win for everyone.

Ultimately, the guy was cornered in a parking lot. If only he’d stuck to surface streets, he might’ve found out just how short the range on a golf cart really is. Before being arrested, he thankfully dropped the dog, which appeared to be unharmed.

The suspect rambled off some apology to someone as he was being led in handcuffs to the back of a cruiser. His apology included something about being an alcoholic and not feeling like he belongs. Hopefully the guy gets the help he obviously needs.

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