Strangers Rescue Mother And Children From Train

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If you need your faith in humanity restored after all the horrible news that’s everywhere, this story will do it. A mother with her children in a Chevy Trailblazer stalled out on some notorious train tracks in La Grange, Kentucky and just when things didn’t look good several Good Samaritans came to the rescue, pushing the SUV out of the way of an approaching train.

Georgia mayor saves mom and kids from train that hit their SUV.

Footage of the incident, which was uploaded by train enthusiast YouTube channel Virtual Railfan, captured the scene as it unfolded around 9 in the morning on October 8. While waiting to turn at an intersection, the SUV’s engine stalled out and wouldn’t start again.

Since the train track was right next to where the Chevy stalled out, and a train just cam around the bend a block away, the danger was real. The new Ford Bronco sitting behind the woman pulled around her as she got out to figure out what to do.

Just then, the driver’s side rear door opened and one of the children ran from the SUV, probably panicking about the approaching train. The mother chased that child down, got them back inside, then started calling for help while trying to push the heavy SUV alone.

That’s when strangers came running over and helped get the vehicle away from the train tracks. More were ready to jump in but pulled up short once they saw the danger was over. It’s amazing to see so many willing to help a stranger.

Some are criticizing the fact a police cruiser that was originally in frame drove off despite the SUV obviously being in danger. The officer apparently crossed the tracks and turned around to assist. You can see him in the lower right portion of the frame towards the end of the ordeal. While some believe he was doing what he could to help, others thought he should’ve stopped his car where he was and helped push the SUV then and there.

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