Chrysler PT Cruiser Tries Running From Police

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Sadly, it wasn’t Michael Scott behind the wheel.

We don’t see many police chases involving Chrysler PT Cruisers these days, and by that we mean we haven’t seen one in recent memory. Considering what an oddity the cars/vans/whatever are in this modern era versus back when there were huge wait lists to get one, seeing someone use such an odd choice as a getaway vehicle is a real treat.

Learn which production car can outrun a police helicopter.

Arkansas State Police Trooper Darryle Hinton observed the PT Cruiser speeding on I-530 in Pine Bluff, Jefferson County. That distinct design, which was supposed to be the future of the auto industry over 20 years ago, combined with the gold paint makes this a vehicle the police can’t miss.

When the driver signals to get off the interstate, it almost looks like the traffic stop will go off without a hitch. After all, who would suspect that a criminal would be caught dead driving a PT Cruiser? These days pretty much nobody has them anymore, with most rotting away in junkyards, but this one looks to be in fairly good condition, plus it has Altezza-style taillights and those fake portholes on the sides of the hood, making it a true relic of the early 2000s. Unfortunately, it won’t stay in such cherry condition.

This person slowly keeps on driving, ignoring the trooper as he switches on his siren just in case the driver can’t see the LED emergency lights flashing in the Chrysler’s mirrors. Trooper Hinton is really patient with the fleeing suspect, pulling up alongside to ensure he’s seen, then holding back we guess in hopes the driver will do the right thing eventually.

For his part, the suspect stays weird and puts on his flashers, something we see a fair amount in these pursuit videos. It’s like people think once you switch those on the cops can’t pull you over. Surprisingly, that doesn’t end the chase.

Ignoring the trooper earns this PT Cruiser a nice PIT or TVI, ensuring it’s no longer in such surprisingly good condition. At least the vehicle doesn’t roll, so it might still be in fairly good shape. When the driver emerges, he uses a shield of excuses like the trooper won’t know how to handle that and he’ll get to just drive away without a citation. Hey, it worked on his high school teachers, so why not the cops?

The suspect asks to see the trooper’s business card right before getting cuffed, which is just hilarious. The guy also starts lecturing on the legality of traffic stops. This is who still drives the few PT Cruisers left on public roads today.

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