Watch Police PIT A Range Rover Into The Stratosphere

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Chick got what she deserved.

Running from the police is dangerous and dumb. Few people have the vehicle or driving skills to pull it off, so in the end they rack up at least a felony or two, not to mention a bunch of other charges, and that’s a best-case scenario. As this criminal mastermind out of Arkansas shows us, it could be even worse because cops might do a PIT that sends your Range Rover or whatever other poor choice of a getaway car flying.

Watch an insane chase between a motorcycle cop and two suspects on a motorcycle here.

First off, it’s impressive a Range Rover kept running as long as this one did in such an intense chase. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of owning one or any other Land Rover, you know how random and often critical parts break all the time. Because of that fact, we don’t really mourn the loss of one like we would a car that actually runs. Oh and this one has a rattle can paint job, so it’s even more ghetto than most.

What started this whole chase was an Arkansas State Police trooper running the tags, which came back as fictitious. So the driver likely knew why the trooper was trying to pull her over. What the trooper didn’t know was the driver had several warrants out of two jurisdictions, so she’s not exactly unfamiliar with law enforcement.

Perhaps knowing getting caught meant a whole heap of trouble, this chick really pushed the Range Rover. Not able to shake the trooper, she feints a turn, then wiggles out of the first PIT attempt, so it’s entirely possible she has some experience in car chases.

But her luck didn’t last long as the determined trooper went in for the kill and the PIT sent the British POS SUV flying like a rocket ship. That nosedive into the pavement must’ve rattled the suspect’s bones because she doesn’t try jumping out of the Range Rover to make a run for it on foot. Instead, she whines to the trooper, asking “why would you do that to me?” Ah yes, criminals are always victims, aren’t they?

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