Arkansas Trooper Does A Graceful PIT On A Dodge Ram

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After getting a call from Hot Springs Police Department about a suspect with multiple warrants fleeing, Arkansas State Police dispatches one of its well-trained troopers for a brutal takedown. Perhaps the suspect thought his Dodge Ram 1500 couldn’t be pitted but we’ve seen ASP PIT Nissan Altimas and other Rams.

Watch how Georgia troopers handle a fleeing Ram truck.

We still don’t understand why drivers in Arkansas don’t stop fleeing as soon as they see a trooper behind them. After all, Arkansas State Police don’t take any guff from people who run from cops and they routinely PIT suspects in the most brutal ways. Maybe the suspects have main character syndrome or they don’t ever watch these videos, because if they did they’d realize running from ASP is a foolish thing to do.

At first the suspect acts like he’s going to pull over, but instead he turns onto another road and tries going for it. But all his “fancy moves” in the clunky Ram do nothing to lose the trooper. At least this suspect showed he has both guts and glory so he’s in the right truck.

The guy in the Ram seems to know a thing or two about police PITs so he keeps pulling maneuvers whenever the trooper tries getting into position. Considering he has several warrants, we’re thinking he’s been around the block a few times. That experience only helps him delay the inevitable.

Skill beats out the fear of going back to jail and the trooper after several more attempts does pull off a successful PIT while maintaining beautiful control of his cruiser. We see the Dodge Ram go skidding across the road like it’s in some low budget Fast and Furious imitation movie before coming to rest on the side of the road.

The lesson here is if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Or in other words, if you run from the law in Arkansas, a state trooper will PIT you.

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