Noise Cameras Are Coming To Chicago

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Ever-increasing government surveillance seems to be the trend these days. From Flock cameras reading the license plates of every car that drives on a public road to speed and red light cameras, these Big Brother programs are billed as ways to keep everyone safe. But a new trend has been emerging in the US after it’s been deployed in some European cities – noise cameras – and they’re about to be installed in Chicago.

Yet another person has been thrown in jail after Hertz claimed they stole their rental car.

Already, we’ve covered how New York City has been using traffic cameras to bust people with vehicles that are deemed too loud. That program must’ve worked well enough for Chicago to propose something similar.

As reported by Fox 32 Chicago, the city is weighing the use of cameras that not only capture excessive noise levels but take images of offenders. An automated system would first issue a warning, then start sending fines.

Not everyone is a fan of this plan. As detailed in the report, motorcyclists feel it’s unfair. Those with constrained finances who drive older cars which are likely to be louder would also be targeted. But the wealthy who can afford a Tesla won’t and that’s what usually matters most.

It’s worth noting enthusiasts could also easily be targets. Even those running factory exhaust systems have been cited under noise ordinances in places like California as neighborhood Karens seek to make all cars quiet and lame. We’re obviously not fans of such measures.

Back when a similar proposal was being floated in Paris, it was mentioned that noise pollution kills. Exactly how that works wasn’t really spelled out, although this report claims it leads to high blood pressure, depression, and heart attacks, among other health problems. How exactly that’s been concluded, other than likely some study, isn’t made clear. You’re just supposed to accept the fact that noise is killing people and move on.

All is not lost in Chicago, at least not yet. The pilot program for these noise cameras still faces a legal review and there will be a public hearing.

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