Man Serving Jury Duty Gets His Car Stolen

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A man in Shelby County, Tennessee was shocked to find that while he was doing jury duty, someone else was stealing his car parked by the courthouse. We’d love to say we’re shocked by this case, but we know car thieves are emboldened in many areas and love hitting parking lots where they know people will be gone for long stretches of time.

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The man was doing his civic duty at Judge D’Army Bailey Courthouse, having parked his car across the street in a pay lot. He told WREG that since parking costs $10 and he only was getting paid $11 for jury duty, he was in effect only making $1. We’d say it’s pretty safe to say he wasn’t serving on a jury for the cash.

But when he left the courthouse, he found his car was gone and some broken glass was sitting on the pavement. The report only said it was an Infiniti but not the model or production year. We’ve seen all kinds of cars stolen, both new and older, with some sold right away and others used to commit other crimes.

All this went down on the victim’s third day of jury duty. So everything went smoothly two days before. Sadly, it’s possible someone noticed his car parked in the lot before and realized he probably was coming back, hatching a plan to steal it while he was sitting inside the courthouse all day. Car thieves are extra nice like that.

The guy seems pretty mad and we can understand why. He thinks the courthouse should offer secured parking for those serving jury duty. To have your car swiped while you’re performing that service would be extra infuriating.

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