Armed Robbers Leave Note Mocking Police

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There are two geniuses targeting innocent victims in Dallas-Forth Worth area Walmart parking lots and they’ve gotten so cocky they’re mocking police now. In one of the stolen cars used by these guys to rob people, authorities found a note written in marker on the infotainment screen: “We had fun!” Written on the headliner was “3 police chase rlly.” So we’re dealing with criminal masterminds.

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Leaving a note for police like that is something we’d expect to see in a Batman comic book, not real life. Who even does that? These burglars obviously think quite highly of themselves and believe police can’t catch them. And yet they’ve left a nice trail of evidence.

Per a Fox 4 report, the suspects have robbed people in Walmart parking lots in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Police believe they live around the locations in Rowlett and Desoto, which is a good theory. We want to help spread the word so these guys get caught.

These criminal architects went inside the Walmart at the scene of their first robbery before holding their victim at gunpoint while demanding the man’s wallet. That was a move worthy of Mensa membership because Walmart stores have pretty good surveillance cameras these days and one picked up a pretty good shot of both guys’ faces plus a woman they were with. Police are spreading the image around in hopes someone will recognize them.

Another noteworthy detail is that these suspects keep using stolen Hyundais for the robberies. We believe they’re all models without the engine immobilizer, making them easy to swipe. But what’s even better is these suspects are apparently smashing a back window to get in like they’re cavemen. We’re not dealing with the sharpest sticks in the bundle here.

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