Florida Police Chase A Chevy Monte Carlo

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These days a lot of police chases that don’t involve a boring car like a Kia or Honda Accord usually feature a Dodge. Sure, there might be an occasional Corvette, Camaro, or Mustang sprinkled in there, but for whatever set of reasons the criminally inclined really love Dodge Chargers and Challengers. But what we don’t see is people running from the cops in a Chevy Monte Carlo, which is exactly what we finally get in the following video.

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Way back in July of 2022, Florida Highway Patrol observed a speeding Chevy Monte Carlo weaving through traffic on US Highway 441. The trooper who saw this behavior gave chase and it seemed like the pursuit was over before it really even started as the suspects pulled into a gas station, stopping in front of a pump.

The trooper got out of his vehicle and approached the Monte Carlo, observing a man in the passenger seat yelling at the female driver. Those two probably didn’t even see the trooper at first because of whatever argument they were having. But before the trooper could approach the side of the car the driver punched it and the chase was on.

Sadly, the trooper was able to catch up to the poor Monte Carlo pretty easily. We’re not sure if the driver wasn’t really pushing it or what was going on. If we were lesser people, we’d make some sexist joke here, but we won’t.

We used to think the point of running from the cops was the lose them, but after watching chases like this one it’s clear not everyone thinks that way. This pursuit went from sorta high-speed to low-speed and yet the lady driving didn’t pull over. We’re not sure what she was trying to do or what she thought Florida Highway Patrol would do, but ultimately this didn’t end well for her or the poor Monte Carlo.  

Don’t run from the cops, kiddies!

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