Driver Tries Auditioning For The Dukes Of Hazzard

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There’s a meme that’s been floating around on the internet for some time of a car transport traveling on the highway with its ramps down, almost touching the road. The meme says something about the temptation to just drive one’s car right onto the truck. That’s not too far off from what a driver did in Lowndes County, Georgia on May 24.

Watch an Infiniti crab on the road big time here.

Officers responded to a crash and called a wrecker to haul away a disabled vehicle. For whatever reason, that wrecker was set up on in the left lane of opposing traffic, the grassy median between it and the sheriff department vehicles gathered around the crash scene. And that’s when someone drove right up the lowered bed of the wrecker, using it like a launch pad to send their car flying and twisting through the air.

The whole thing looks like something out of The Dukes of Hazzard and we really wonder if someone wanted to make an audition video for a reboot. We haven’t heard of plans for such a show, but maybe this will help kickstart it.

Unfortunately, the Nissan Altima that launched off the wrecker landed on top of another Altima that was traveling in the right lane of traffic, about 120 feet from the launch point.

Reportedly, it’s undecided if the driver of the first Nissan Altima will be facing any charges. What we want to know is if there was an emergency vehicle parked ahead of the wrecker in that active lane of traffic, or if any cones or other devices were used to redirect traffic? If not, there might be a lawsuit and possibly for good reason.

Ultimately, this is a testament to the value of always being aware of your environment when driving. Too many people these days are zombies behind the wheel, whether they’re too busy looking at their phone or they just plain zone out.

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