Arkansas Police Chase A Porsche Panamera

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So many crazy situations start at Waffle House, so it’s really no surprise that this pursuit of a Porsche Panamera in North Little Rock, Arkansas began in front of one. Instead of just chasing the suspect down for speeding, the driver of the German four-door coupe (what we normal people would call a sedan) was wanted for as a suspect in a shooting.

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Keep in mind this person was just wanted for questioning and the legal system does assume one is innocent until proven guilty. But that doesn’t mean when the police want to detain and question you there’s no obligation to come along. What this guy does instead, leaving Arkansas State Police on a high-speed chase, was just dumb.

If we were going to run from a law enforcement agency in the US, It wouldn’t be ASP. It’s the equivalent of getting in a shootout with Las Vegas police, because they’re highly skilled and authorized to absolutely wreck you into oblivion. Still, people keep running from them. We would just pull over and take our medicine.

Of course, this person had the questionable taste to put what looks like paint splotches but might have been a weird attempt at a camo pattern on the back of the Porsche. Each splotch is a different color, and they’re so random in their placement, that really it just looks stupid. So these are the types of people who run from ASP.

To try getting away, this suspect goes into oncoming traffic, drives up onto a sidewalk, and in general drives like someone who’s about to fail driver’s ed for the first time. But Panameras are genuinely fast cars, especially if they have the V8, and so the ASP trooper has little hope of keeping up. That’s where driver skill comes into play, because this suspect might have a lot of power at his disposal, but he sure can’t handle it.

Maybe the Panamera will end up with someone who doesn’t put stupid graphics on it? We can only hope.  

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