Don’t Do This If A Cop Pulls You Over

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Too many people only want to look at situations from their perspective, especially when it comes to something stressful like getting pulled over by the police. While your initial reaction might be to argue with the officer who pulled you over or ask to speak to his manager, the only thing that will do is escalate the situation. Traffic stops are super stressful for cops not only because people get combative quickly, but also because they’re one of the most dangerous things police do.

See how Good Samaritans stopped a wrong way driver.

Far too often, police are shot as they first walk up to a car they just pulled over. Its’ shocking how many people have warrants and once they realize being stopped means they’re going to jail, some of them conclude killing a cop and going on the run is a better option. Anything you can do to show police you’re not a threat after you’ve been pulled over will help the traffic stop go more smoothly. Just don’t expect that means you won’t get a ticket.

This video of a guy getting pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol is the perfect example of what not to do. He was allegedly caught speeding, so the smart thing would’ve been to just take his punishment like a man. Instead, he gets combative. The guy makes it obvious he’s recording the trooper, holding his phone out the open window while shouting.

Then the trooper realizes the vehicle’s registration had lapsed for a long time, informing the suspect it would have to be towed. That’s when all hell breaks loose as the guy resists arrest, screams about being a victim, etc. None of that makes the situation any better.

We’re not lawyers, so this isn’t legal advice, but we think arguing with cops when they’re within the bounds of the law to tow your car, in which you were speeding moments before, is a really bad idea. The guy continues carrying on once inside a cruiser. Maybe he didn’t realize there are cameras in cop cars? It’s probably best to just keep your mouth shut and argue your case in court, not on the side of the road.

Also, we love how this guy talks like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

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