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I just ran across this ridiculous post on Corvette Forum where a guy praises his neighbor, “Harry,” for using his C7 Corvette as if it were a truck. Seriously, there are photos of all kinds of stuff loaded into the back of the sports car, including a deer carcass, and this is played off like the guy is a hero and some sort of genius. I, instead, view this as akin to the person who tries picking up their sectional couch from the furniture store and hauling it home in their Kia Soul.

Watch a guy crash a rental C8 Corvette here.

Different vehicles are designed for different tasks and there’s no shame in admitting that. Trucks are made for hauling large and/or dirty things around. And while C7 Corvettes do have a surprising amount of cargo space for a sports car, they’re certainly not appropriate for hauling your prized buck home from the forest.

If you haven’t gone deer hunting, just know that deer leak/secrete all kinds of nasty fluids after they’re shot. There’s a reason why people haul them in a pickup bed that can be sprayed out and doesn’t have padding to soak in the stench. I doubt the smell will ever leave the interior of this C7, no matter how much Febreze you dump in there.

Images via Corvette Forum

Speaking of smell, hauling just one gas can inside an enclosed vehicle not only stinks, it can be pretty dicey. One of the photos posted in the forum shows this guy with five gas cans, along with a couple of buckets of soil loaded into the ‘Vette. The thing is fumes can build up in the interior. Not only does it smell, there is a chance of ignition from even the tiniest spark. Hopefully he at least drove around with the windows down, but yet again a pickup truck would’ve been the better solution.

Harry also apparently drives the low-to-the-ground sports car through fields and such. When I watch Matt’s Off Road Recovery on YouTube and see people on trails with a Hyundai Sonata, of course hopelessly stuck, I always wonder what kind of person doesn’t get that isn’t the kind of vehicle to take off-roading. I wonder if any of them haul dead animals in the trunk?

The guy who posted about his neighbor says Harry doesn’t own another vehicle. If I had to choose between a Corvette and a pickup truck, my practical brain would take the truck hands down. While a ‘Vette would be fun to drive, at the end of the day if you can’t get done what you need, having fun won’t help. Hopefully this Harry guy is just young and dumb, but I have a sneaking suspicion that’s not the case.

Check out the Corvette Forum post for yourself here.

Images via Corvette Forum

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