Go Back To School With A Pontiac Fiero

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This video is so 80s it hurts.

We’ve covered before Boca Raton Community High School’s last day of school from 1987, which showed a great slice of life and the state of teen car culture back in the day. Now let’s take a look at the video produced by the high school to commemorate the first day of school, complete with the special appearance of a Pontiac Fiero.

Woman wakes up to almost 100 tires dumped in her driveway.

Being GM’s second attempt at not locating a car’s engine in front of the driver, the Fiero was simultaneously beloved and mocked. Some people still love the quasi-exotic looks of the car, which marked a bit of a departure from other Pontiacs and GM products in general at the time.

Even today, there are those strange individuals who know nothing about cars who think the Fiero is really an old Ferrari. To be fair, these same people would do the same thing with a Toyota MR2, another mid-engine car people either love or hate.

But there are many who still mock the Fiero as what they call a pathetic attempt at GM trying to compete with far superior European performance cars. What they seem to forget is those supposed competitors usually cost multiple times more and so were seen parked in front of country clubs and mansions with fluted columns lining the expansive porch.

In other words, conflict over the Pontiac Fiero at least in part is tied to class warfare. These kids seem wonderfully unaware of that, instead worrying about getting to school on time, dealing with teachers’ demands, and figuring out who they’re going to sit with in the cafeteria during lunch.

That carefree attitude back in 1987 is how we choose to remember the Fiero and other 80s icons. It was a time of tall bangs, Walkmans, MTV actually playing music videos, and teen movies featured social outcasts riding off into the sunset on a lawn mower. In short, it was a magical time that will never be repeated, so watch the video and enjoy a slice of the past, including some other classic rides on the way to the school.

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