Tesla Model X Gets Stuck On Aussie Beach

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There’s a stereotype out there among enthusiasts that Tesla fanboys know little to nothing about cars. Whether true or not, Tesla owners keep doing things to reinforce the stereotype, like this Model X driver who ventured onto a sandy beach of Bribie Island in Queensland, Australia recently.

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Considering how incredibly heavy Teslas are, especially the Model X, this is just a bad idea. I can say having grown up in the desert, this sort of thing happens quite a bit with big diesel pickups which suffer from the same weight issue. But at least those trucks usually have four-wheel drive.

People are claiming this Tesla Model X wasn’t one of the all-wheel-drive trims. I can’t confirm that from the few photos floating around online, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t. Even if it did put power to all four wheels, with how heavy they are that might not have been enough.

What’s more, I’d be willing to bet money the Tesla driver didn’t air down the tires before venturing onto the sand. Off-roaders know to do this when dealing with either sand or mud. After all, tires inflated like you’re driving on pavement just help you to sink further.

Photos appear to show the driver feebly trying to dig out the front end of the Tesla Model X as people passed by. Did they just jeer or did they try helping? One photo that’s ostensibly of the same vehicle shows the front end, the bumper gone and a recovery strap attached to the exposed frame. Perhaps someone took pity on him, but did they remove the bumper or was it torn off?

Whatever the story, this incident of a Tesla Model X getting beached like the fat whale it is only serves to reinforce the stereotype that Tesla owners think they know way more about cars than they’d like to think.

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