Watch Cops Run Down An Intoxicated Repeat Bail Bond Jumper

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Bail bond jumpers aren’t exactly the kind of people one would expect a judge to extend bail to after they repeat offend, but in this police chase video that’s exactly the kind of situation, Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies are dealing with. When they try to pull the person over, instead of stopping for deputies the suspect decides to skip off, just like they do with court dates.

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The incident in question happened back on January 29, 2022 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a place the Donut Operator has correctly observed behaves more like a GTA server than real life. Fortunately, this bail jumper doesn’t have enough cash to buy a Dodge Hellcat, otherwise the chase would’ve gone on for longer and might have resulted in the suspect getting away.

However, the pursuit does reach 100 mph on the two-lane county road, which is incredibly dangerous should the suspect cross the line and hit an oncoming vehicle. It’s also too fast to go through a roundabout, something this repeat offender learns the hard way. Of course, we know roundabouts are wonderful at taking down dumb criminals.

This one managed to flip their car onto its roof after hitting the curb in the center of the roundabout, going airborne like some wanna-be Evel Knievel. If only every fleeing criminal were to take themselves out and not hurt any innocent bystanders in the process.

Because this person is expert at hiding from responsibility, it’s not all that surprising that when deputies check the vehicle there’s nobody inside. The thing is the doors are difficult to open, so unless the suspect crawled out and ran away in mere seconds before deputies caught up, or they were thrown clean of the crash site, that means they have to be somewhere.

At first, deputies think the driver might have somehow crawled into the trunk because they hear moaning they believe is coming from there, but they conclude that was just the K9 fur missile expressing excitement about a possible foot chase.

The dog gets its wishes as they realize somehow the driver did climb out of the vehicle and run away, leaving footprints in the snow. That makes following even easier as the K9 goes into hot pursuit through a snowy field. However, this suspect must’ve been a high school track star, because there are just tracks and no other sign of a person.

Eventually, they track the guy down as he’s hiding in a pretty good spot. He almost didn’t come out and face the consequences of his actions, again, but the threat of releasing the dog on the suspect got him to surrender in a hurry. Smart choice, for a change.

The guy got a long list of charges thrown at him, including some felonies, but the prosecutor cut a nice deal and he got out after 234 days in jail. At least the K9 was a good boy, even if he did trick deputies into believing someone was trapped in the trunk.

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