California Supercar Meets Are Completely Out Of Control

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Get an inside peek at the lawless revelry…

Plenty of people love seeing supercars since they are by nature rarities. If you live somewhere like Southern California such exotic rides are more common than in other areas, however the allure of being able to watch dozens of them in action all in the same place is enough to draw a huge crowd. That’s why police in Southern California are having one hell of a time controlling not only the supercar drivers but also pedestrians at these meets, whether they are official or just pop-ups.

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I’ve included an example video with this article to give you a taste of what I’m talking about. Posted to YouTube by effspot, who goes to these shows all the time, he doesn’t just include the rides in his shots but helps give you a taste for the hundreds if not thousands of people who have swarmed the area to see and hear the supercars as they come and go.

Since this even has been planned, the local police are present and trying to monitor the situation as well as direct traffic. The only problem is there are so many people the officers are having a tough time. That’s why you see all kinds of pedestrians standing in the middle of the road, filming the cars with their phone, and the cops aren’t doing anything about it.

Because the sidewalks are packed, and people really want content for their social media accounts, they’re willing to do whatever to get a good shot of a Koenigsegg or Pagani as it leaves the parking lot. Someone has set up a sign telling the drivers burnouts and revving their engines won’t be tolerated, yet in the video you hear plenty of revving going on.

Effspot goes to a few of these meetups, and in one place security kicks everyone out, but there are no cops present, almost like they can’t spare the manpower. There’s almost an accident and at one point a guy stands in the way of a Bugatti, filming it while acting like a monkey. I wish I were making this up.

With all the crime raging in Southern California, combined with the movement to defund and demonize the police, it’s no wonder they can’t get a handle on something like this. They’re undoubtedly short-staffed, plus dealing with violent crimes in progress that they can’t even entirely address. So people take advantage of the situation, having some fun. It all seems harmless until there’s an accident and especially if someone dies. We hope it doesn’t get to that point, but we’ve seen plenty of close calls in videos like this one.

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