Woman Discovers Grandma’s Supercar Stash

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The granddaughter didn’t have a clue about the significance of these cars.

Everybody’s got a cool story about a family heirloom, especially one that’s been protected by an older relative for multiple decades. It warms our heart to hear about a nearly forgotten necklace given to a grandmother many years ago by her husband only to be passed down for generations or to see knives and guns used on the battlefield still kept by family members decades after the events occurred. However, very few ever see a story this wild as it features one of the most highly sought after vehicles ever put on the Italian automotive market. Here’s how one woman found out that her grandma apparently had a passion for driving fast after her passing.

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When an older relative passes away it seems only fitting that the family looks through their belongings to really get a grasp on who they were as a person. Even children or grandchildren might not have heard the full story of their life, making the aftermath an often bittersweet occasion. In this particular case a woman on Reddit let the world know that her grandmother had been stashing a Lamborghini Countach in her garage for God only knows how many years. Along with the Lamborghini you can also clearly see a red Ferrari 308 which tells us that the woman clearly had a pattern and a great taste for automobiles.

After doing some digging, the woman found out that her grandfather had apparently run an exotic car rental service in the 1980s. While the business might not be up and running anymore, these cars still have a great place in today’s world. Hopefully the woman will keep the vehicles around to remind her of her grandparents, though of course we can’t tell her what to do with the cars. Also accompanying these cars was a pre-war MG, another very interesting model especially when you compare it to the borderline supercars sitting next to it. Overall this is a wonderful find and will hopefully provide the new owner with tons of fun and many adventures in the near future. 

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