The Energy Crisis Will Cost Lives

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This isn’t hyperbole or unfounded panic.

On September 1 I warned that climate lockdowns are here. Surely some thought that was hyperbole, some crazy conspiracy theory, or I was saying that to get some clicks. I don’t like doomsday prophecies like what we see on the internet far too often, but at the same time I don’t believe in hiding from serious problems because it’s too scary to confront them. Our manufactured energy crisis is scary as hell because it’s likely going to be fatal and cause far-reaching societal problems. But if we don’t wrap our arms around what’s going on things are guaranteed to get even worse. In other words, it’s time to get tough, roll up our sleeves, and do what so many generations before us did, taking on the impossible and winning.

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The EU has proposed a “mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours” as a means to “flatten the curve.” Sound familiar? The covid lockdowns were not only unscientific, they were also a warmup to see how easily citizens would comply with draconian government edicts. Enough of us went along with what “The Experts” and “The Science” so our elite class feels it can impose on the little people even more. Hold onto your hat because this is just the start.

Switzerland is taking the gloves off, threatening citizens with fines and jail time if they keep their home above a certain temperature this winter. Anyone caught keeping their home above 19 degrees Celsius (that’s 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit) could sit in a jail cell for up to three years, plus pay some hefty fines. That’s right, staying too warm is now a crime for the Swiss.

What’s driving the high cost of energy in Europe? In part it’s a shortage of natural gas, thanks to Russia ceasing the flow of the Nord Stream pipeline. This was the very thing Trump warned would happen and was mocked. Putin doesn’t like Europe’s interference in his invasion of Ukraine so he’s cutting the continent off from his country’s vast reserves. This is all being done under some pretense of problems with the pipeline, but it’s just another game played by the dictator. The Russians are staying nice and warm this winter while Europeans will freeze to death, literally. The people who will suffer the most had nothing to do with this mess.

As the UK is facing down the barrel of a gun while energy prices skyrocket, Prime Minister Liz Truss has decided the best course of action is to shell out massive bailouts. She’s proposing £130 billion for the purpose of keeping household energy bills stable, plus another £40 billion to do the same for small businesses. As Bloomberg energy and commodities columnist Javier Blas pointed out on Twitter, that total equals the annual budget for the United Kingdom National Health Service. Pouring massive quantities of money into the economy will only make inflation worse, which in turn will affect energy prices, making for a vicious cycle. Anyone who’s studied what Germany went through in the wake of WWI and the leadup to WWII ought to be feeling uneasy about what’s coming down the pipeline.

Speaking of Germany, its leadership has decided to spend €65 billion on inflation relief. This is insanity. Sweden is floating 250 billion kronor to electricity providers so they don’t go bankrupt. Where is the reform for the energy generation policies which obviously aren’t working? The solution is to just throw more money at a dysfunctional system instead because climate change is used as the scapegoat.

Faced with the realities of its headlong push toward “green” energy generation, German won’t be eating crow. Leadership has decided against extending the lifetime of the few nuclear power plants still operating in the country, opting to keep only two or three operational until April 2023 as a fallback option. This is like selling all your pumps in the time of a flood, declaring they’re not longer necessary.

Mark my words: people will die because of this energy crisis in Europe. All of this was avoidable, but our brave leaders don’t want to admit that. I suspect what we’re seeing is the worst kind of groupthink at best, if not a means to cull the population under the cynical belief there are too many people on the planet. As this dire situation unfolds, UK talk show This Morning mocks the suffering by making a game out of it. This is unbelievably calloused.

If you think the United States has dodged the fallout Europe is suffering, I hate to break it to you but it won’t. Our crude oil stockpile is the lowest it’s been since 1984, thanks to policies set by the Biden Administration. In fact, our president is selling off crude oil in an attempt to keep prices down, all so he can take credit for the “low” prices for gas at the pump, something he said he didn’t affect when prices were soaring. The problem is this is a stalling tactic the government absolutely can’t maintain long, so be prepared to start spending more than $5.00 a gallon in the near future. And, as you probably know now, when the cost of gas goes up, so does the cost of just about everything else.

California, with all its “green” energy projects and aggressive shutting down of nuclear power facilities, is boldly leading the way into American darkness, literally. On the evening of September 6, Governor Gavin Newsom, the guy who’s taken to lecturing other governors about how to run their states, admitted the California power grid was on the verge of failure. Calling it a Flex Alert, Newsom asked citizens to set their thermostats to 78, turn off unnecessary lights, and avoid using large appliances. I’m wondering if electric cars count as large appliances. They probably do, considering California officials already told EV owners to avoid charging their ride over the weekend.

It didn’t take long for reports of rolling blackouts in Palo Alto and Alameda to come in. That’s right, Gavin Newsom, the man who’s been tossed around as not only an excellent governor but also a potential future presidential candidate, literally can’t keep the lights on in his state.

Here’s the rub: the rolling blackouts in California are being blamed on climate change. I know, predictable, but it’s funny how weather patterns are climate whenever government officials want more control over our personal freedoms.

California’s ban on new internal combustion engine vehicles for consumers comes with a heaping plate of hypocrisy, especially after the California Independent System Operator told the Department of Water Resources for Roseville and Yuba City to flip on fossil fuel-powered generators in an attempt to alleviate the strain on the power grid. Those generators were installed last year, and I highly doubt they’ll be taken offline by 2035 because after all they’re needed for “climate-driven energy emergencies” because you kept driving your Toyota instead of buying that Tesla. It would’ve been more prudent to keep the nuclear power facilities running, but that didn’t make the environmentalists feel warm and fuzzy.

Back to climate lockdowns: a report from “climate justice” organization Grist proudly trumpeted the closure of schools because of the current heat wave, which again is now considered “climate” conveniently. For example, teachers in Columbus, Ohio went on strike because the AC at different schools needs to be fixed. Baltimore sent students home because two dozen schools lack air conditioning. This is just a start, but the covid lockdowns didn’t happen overnight. Instead, there was talk of flattening the curve, staying home, doing your part, closing schools, etc. and those things were put into place gradually. This will be gradual as well, so long as everyone complies with the push. If we resist, stand up, and say no, officials might back down. But if we go along with the plan from our elites, the consequences will be catastrophic. People who don’t have proper cooling in heat waves can die. Shutting off electricity to homes and businesses invites crime and chaos. Banning farmers from using certain fertilizers or “too much” fertilizer lowers crop yields, skyrockets food prices, and brings famine. This isn’t a silly green movement, it’s dangerous environmental tyranny.   

Whatever you think of her politics, Tulsi Gabbard nails what’s going on perfectly. As we allow our leaders to manufacture emergencies to justify unlawful edicts, we will continue to live under increasing tyranny all while we’re told the government is protecting us. First it was covid, now it’s climate, and later it could be whatever they decide will scare us into compliance. Our individual liberties are worth the risk of danger, even death, something the Founding Fathers understood keenly. “Give me liberty or give me death,” declared Patrick Henry. That wasn’t just a trite saying.

While the West is stewing in the chaos it created, these boneheaded energy policies have been implemented in other parts of the world, but some citizens have rebelled. For example, on September 5 Indonesians took to the streets as fuel prices skyrocketed by 30 percent. That’s similar to the widespread rebellion in Sri Lanka. These people seem to understand “green” energy policies will be fatal and are treating government actions accordingly. Why don’t Western citizens do the same? It’s a question worth pondering.

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