WEF Wants To Shut Down Economic Growth

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This will push certain people over the edge.

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re heard the World Economic Forum is just some group of people who get together once a year to brainstorm ideas of how to forge ahead into a brighter future. Much of the media works overtime to convince us the WEF is either harmless or in fact a helpful organization, but the reality is it’s working to undermine economic prosperity and it’s not even hiding it.

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This is all spelled out plain as day in a recent article published by WEF “Can the economy grow forever?” The headline might seem innocent, since after all if you’ve studied economics to any extent you know the answer is plainly no, economies can’t always be in growth stages. Recessions or downturns are inevitable, but that’s not the aim of this article or the WEF’s policies.

Instead, the argument put forth is that if all the world’s economies continue to overally grow in every sector, we’ll ruin the planet. It’s all in the same vein as the overpopulation club which keeps rearing its ugly head every few years or so.

Here’s the fact: the less developed a nation is, the more likely it is to excessively pollute. That’s contrary to what you’re told constantly, but it’s the truth. In turn, nuking economies to save the planet is an idiotic, regressive, and counterproductive move. But WEF still wants to do it.

No matter what cheery, harmless veneer WEF wants to put on its presentation, these types of policies will absolutely cost lives and ruin people psychologically. There are so many, even just here in the United States, who are on the edge financially. By trying to slow down economies in certain sectors, we’re seeing WEF acolytes causing food shortages, skyrocketing inflation, surging energy prices, and other catastrophes while cheering they’re improving the future. If you bring up the human suffering they’re causing, often the response is something about sacrificing for the greater good.

History has shown time and again that centralized economic planning doesn’t work. It leads to poorly allocated resources, starvation, and increased human suffering along with more pollution. The USSR is a prime example. Yet our media tries to portray capitalism as the great evil, not communism, which is responsible for well over 100 million deaths in the 20th Century alone.

The fact is capitalism democratizes economies more than socialized systems, distributing more economic power into the hands of everyday people. Don’t believe the WEF lies pushed by certain media outlets, which surely are going to be increasing as our economy plunges. Rising waters do truly lift all ships, but centralizing power only benefits an elite circle.

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