White Collar GM Employees Are Still Staying Home

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But that’s about to change.

Even after President Joe Biden declared the covid pandemic over, there are many who bitterly cling to the measures designed to stop the spread of the virus. One of the more extreme examples we’ve seen at a corporate level are offices where everyone still clocks in remotely, a practice which apparently is common among the white-collar General Motors employees.

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According to a report from The Detroit News, the automaker has informed these employees they’ll have to return to the office just like the rest of civilization. However, the company isn’t exactly mashing on the accelerator for this return to normalcy. It’s giving these covid-paranoid employees until sometime “later this year” to spend three days a week in the office.

Yes, this plan seems to be rather fuzzy and that’s probably by design. After all, GM is every bit as much of a bureaucracy as the federal government, so don’t expect them to be clear, decisive, or quick on many decisions. Honestly, it’s surprising they’re even moving towards requiring people to work in-office again.

In a statement provided to The Detroit News, a GM spokesperson cited an accelerated “transformation and… rapid launch cycle” as some of the reasons why employees are to return to working among their peers.

If you read in between the lines, it’s obvious GM feels the work-at-home policy didn’t boost productivity, despite many studies out there claiming allowing employees to be remote does just that. I know from many years of experience not everyone is cut out for working from home as it requires tremendous discipline.

In other words, it’s not shocking employees have decided to find ways to loaf instead of pushing the needle as they sit in front of their computer in their pajamas. Going into the office motivates many to work more, even if they spend a lot of time socializing at the water cooler and planning birthday celebrations in the break room.

Source: The Detroit News

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