Republicans Telegraph Trimming Back EV Subsidies

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Is this what will be coming next year?

The alarms have been sounded that if Republicans take back the House and Senate in this mid-term election, they might close up some EV loopholes certain automakers have been exploiting. As The Detroit News reports, Senator Joh Thune (R, SD) has introduced the “Ending Duplicative Subsidies for Electric Vehicles Act” to prevent car companies from double dipping into taxpayer dollars.

Learn about the plan to add EV chargers along interstates here.

Some feel this is unjustified, believing that any automaker which is moving toward electrification deserves all the government incentives it wants. This includes not only having automaker’s EVs and other plug-ins qualify for the $7,500 in consumer tax credits but also getting grants and loans provided by the Inflation reduction act.

After all, with the climate at stake, any amount of money taxpayers shell out to subsidize EV purchases and the development of new battery/EV technologies is a small price to pay. Senator Thune poses a real threat to the auto industry’s current dynamic since he’s on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee and so directly influences laws which dictate the rules by which the industry plays.

There’s big talk the Republicans are going to sweep both the House and Senate, putting people like Senator Thune in positions of power. If he’s serious about taking away taxpayer dollars from automakers as they increase the price of electric vehicles the same amount as tax incentives handed out to consumers, all just to line their pockets, he’s showing what his party really thinks of climate change.

“American automakers have been on the receiving end of historic amounts of taxpayer money, yet we see them raising vehicle prices right when they’re preparing to receive even more government support,” Thune said. Obviously, this man doesn’t understand that in order to change the weather to make every day pleasant, avoiding periods of drought or violent storms, we as taxpayers must shovel all the money we can to brave automakers who install plugs on their cars so they can get more taxpayer money.

Read more about Senator John Thune’s dangerous ideas here.

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