Canadian Government EV Chargers Don’t Work

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This seems somewhat suspicious.

Just like here in the United States, the Canadian federal government has been big on promoting the building of some huge network of electric vehicle chargers. Trudeau, like Biden and his cabinet, seems to firmly believe in the adage “if you build it, they will come.” The only problem is the Canadian government has built EV chargers which government employees can’t use, making one question why they were built in the first place.

Learn about the US government’s plan to line interstates with EV charging stations here.

For those who believe in strictly nurture in the nature versus nurture debate, it’s obvious governments must always shepherd and thus control consumer behavior. That means the only big reason people aren’t buying the Tesla or some other electric car is that the government hasn’t made chargers plentiful enough.

As reported by Rebel News, one government charging station installed in British Columbia by the border for Canada Border Services Agency fleet EVs isn’t accessible to those vehicles, if you can believe that. The news organization, which is not funded by the Canadian government, cited another charging station built in 2015 at the National Research Council but only operated for 9 months before being decommissioned.

It seems incredibly wasteful for the Canadian government to install EV chargers which are only useful for a short period, especially when the powers-that-be want to expand the number of electric cars in government fleets. From what we know about bureaucracies, this actually isn’t horribly shocking. Too many in government positions have the attitude of “this is only taxpayer money” as they operate in horrendously inefficient ways. After all, they’re not in an open market where consumers, or taxpayers, can easily find a replacement.

With the excitement about the federal government paying states to install EV charging stations along the interstates here in the US, we’re afraid the end result will be similar. Those government-installed electric car rest stops could soon be run-down hell holes full of criminal activity.

Source: Rebel News

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