Brazen Philadelphia Carjacking Is Shocking

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We knew crime in Philadelphia was getting bad, but this is still shocking!

If you don’t know the risks you’re taking while refueling your vehicle, the following story and video will make you keenly aware. A man in Philadelphia lost his Chrysler 300 on October 2 to multiple carjackers as he was pumping gas at a station. The attack happened so quickly the guy barely had time to react, ultimately choosing to run inside the service station rather than try his luck with the gun wielding criminals.

Learn how much carjackings are up in Philadelphia this year over last here.

As you’ll see in the video, the man was calmly refueling his Chrysler when the car at the pump in front of him left and a white passenger van pulled into that spot. Most people would think nothing of that, but in a split second four gunmen jumped out of the van, the one bursting through the rear doors jumping on top of the victim’s car, pointing his firearm at the victim in at attempt to get the vehicle.

The victim ran inside the service station for help, but three of the carjackers followed him. A local news report says customers inside were dodging for cover, but the gunmen didn’t advance inside. Eventually they left in the Chrysler and the van without firing a shot. It could’ve gone much worse.

That local report mentions the police are looking at the angle that the carjackers might have known the victim. Still, the incident was alarming for people who were at the crowded gas station.

Carjackings and other violent crime have been absolutely exploding in Philadelphia, with the city setting yet another record for carjackings even though the year isn’t even finished. Many are blaming District Attorney Larry Krasner for the crime trend, the George Soros-backed candidate who has won a second term but has been facing possible impeachment for his social justice-geared reforms for violent offenders.  

Source: 6 ABC Philadelphia

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