Mustang GT Driver Runs From Cops Because Of Warrants

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When it comes to dealing with law enforcement, your best bet is to follow directions, be as cordial as possible, and wait until your day in court if you feel you’ve been mistreated. Also, if you’ve already done something wrong and have some warrants, the worst thing you can do is run from police. But that’s exactly what a guy in an S550 Mustang GT did after he was pulled over by an Arkansas State Police trooper recently.

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In the dashcam video, we see Trooper Rand Lace following the Ford Mustang GT for a bit before activating his lights and pulling the pony car over. As he steps up to the window, he explains to the driver that he was following other vehicles a little too closely and cut over the solid yellow line a couple of times, giving the trooper cause to stop him.

After Trooper Lace gets the man’s driver’s license and runs it, he goes back to tell him he was outstanding warrants. Now, some law enforcement say to always get someone out of the car before dropping that bomb and we can see why, because this guy takes off like a bat out of hell and the chase is on.

We have to give credit to the Ford driver, he doesn’t lose control and wreck out but instead puts plenty of distance between him and his pursuers (a local police unit jumped in to help right before the chase). So often we see people run from cops using some of the most questionable driving skills.

That said, what he did was still stupid. Not only do they know who he is, the guy has added more charges to his record, so when police finally do catch him he’ll be facing even stiffer consequences. Even though you might be able to “get away” with something like this for a while, eventually you will have to face the music and the longer you put that off the worse it’s going to be.

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