Georgia Mayor Saves Mom, Kids From Train Collision

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Someone get this man a cape, he’s a hero!

Despite the term “public servant” it seems like many who fill government positions have more of an elitist attitude lately. That’s why hearing about a mayor of the tiny Georgia city Vienna literally putting his life at risk to save a mom and three young children when their Chevy Suburban was stuck on railroad tracks as a train was barreling towards them is just amazing. Actually, we’re not sure how many regular folk would jump in and help in that situation, even though we would hope anyone would.

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The incident in question happened at around 3:45 am on October 8. According to police, the Suburban stalled on the tracks, leaving 26-year-old Rodreka Morgan stranded with her kids. The police department says there were only two kids in the backseat of the Suburban, however a report from Fox 5 Atlanta claims there were three.

In any case, Vienna Mayor Eddie Daniels was headed to work early that Saturday morning and dropped everything to help. After helping the woman out of the SUV, he saw there was a 1-year-old, 3-year-old, and 6-year-old in the back. The mayor was able to get the two youngest kids out of the vehicle and was in the process of getting the 6-year-old when the train slammed into the Chevy.

According to Daniels, he was momentarily trapped between the train and SUV, which was thrown several feet from where it had stalled out. Miraculously, the child and mayor both survived, although Daniels suffered a broken ankle and got a nasty gash on his head which warranted 8 stitches. The guy seems to just be happy the mom and kids were alright.

“I’m out here just doing God’s work. That’s what we’re supposed to do,” Daniels said. “And they told me I was a hero. I said I don’t feel like a hero, just feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, what the people elected me to do.”

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy about this story. According to the Vienna Police Department, an investigation by Georgia State Patrol determined Morgan had alcohol in her system. She was charged with DUI and child endangerment.

Photos via Vienna Police Department

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