NYC Traffic Cameras Are Busting Modified Cars

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Yes, this is apparently real…

A recent article published by AP News reveals something which, sadly, isn’t all that shocking to us: traffic cameras in New York City are being used to monitor for noisy modified cars and motorcycles. The efforts to make everyone drive quiet vehicles has been going on for some time, with many saying switching to electrification will make cities far more pleasant. In fact, in Europe the push is backed by data which supposedly shows people are dying from noise pollution in cities like Paris.

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We’re a little surprised it wasn’t California to be first with this kind of effort to bust noisy cars, considering their noise enforcement has even dinged cars with factory exhaust systems. But it was New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection which decided this is the way forward. As AP points out, NYC has some of the most restrictive noise ordinances in the US with some pretty steep fines for violations.

The first offense recorded by a traffic camera will set an offender back by $800. However, if that person ignores a third-offense hearing, they’re shelling out $2,625. Yes, New York means business when it comes to decreasing noise pollution, which is apparently an environmental issue.

According to the AP report, New York City Mayor Eric Adams used a press conference to blame road noise for illnesses his constituents are battling. “Noise pollution makes it hard to sleep and increases the risk of chronic disease,” said the mayor.

Like we said before, this movement hardly is new but with increasing technology, monitoring for and busting anyone with a car or motorcycle deemed “too loud” is easier than ever. However, once drivers are reigned in, something else will be targeted as a noise nuisance, be it dogs, music, construction sites, etc.

Source: AP News

Images via Pierre Blache, Roberto Lee Cortes

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