Stolen Bentley Mulsanne Story Gets Weird

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Just what really happened with this luxury car?

A Bentley Mulsanne, not a cheap car by any stretch of the imagination, was recovered in September from Pakistan after it was reportedly stolen in Britain. Even when the story broke it seemed odd. Yes, luxury cars are often taken from one part of the world, loaded into shipping containers, then sold to people in a completely different region. However, the man who was found with the luxury British sedan took full responsibility, almost like he was covering for someone. New allegations might shed some light on the situation.

Find out about a $1 million car heist and the suspects here.

The Mulsanne was recovered while it was parked outside a residence in the Defence Housing Authority in Karachi. While many affluent people live in the area, the Bentley with its matte grey paint still sticks out like a sore thumb. If one were to buy such an eye-catching vehicle knowing it was stolen, leaving it parked on the street seems like a dumb move.

What’s more, there were hints that British national intelligence had a hand in recovering the car. We’ve never heard of intelligence agencies acting as car repo specialists, so the theory was the Mulsanne belongs to someone connected, possibly one of the big bosses. Of course, we’re not allowed to know such things.

But wait, there’s more! A new local report claims officials now believe the Bentley Mulsanne was never stolen but instead was imported under the guise of it being a Bulgarian diplomat’s vehicle. That would mean no taxes were paid to bring it into Pakistan. The case of alleged tax evasion went before the country’s Supreme Court since allegedly the Bulgarian ambassador “disowned” the luxury sedan after he arrived in Pakistan. It was not in possession of a foreign diplomat when it was recovered.

There are so many questions about this case, but it’s doubtful they’ll be answered, what with all the international relations wrapped up in it.

Sources: Dawn, Daily Mail

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