Chrysler Thinks It Can Unseat Tesla

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Please, stop laughing for a moment and read why.

When you think of an automotive brand which might give Tesla a run for its money, the temptation is to go with something strong like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, or even Cadillac. About the last option anyone would pick is Chrysler, a brand which is essentially on life support these days. However, Chrysler’s CEO boldly declared to journalists at the Detroit Auto Show that’s exactly what she’s aiming to do.

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According to a report from The Detroit News, Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell claims her brand is in the most optimal position to unseat Tesla as the leader in the EV market. She didn’t say this as a joke, we think. After all, nobody takes Chrysler seriously these days, even its longtime fans, thanks to its lineup consisting of the Pacifica minivan and the 300 sedan.

Feuell says everything you know about Chrysler is going to change as it targets younger urban buyers. To do just that, it’s going to release at least three all-electric vehicles by 2028. Again, stop laughing, because if she thinks that’s some ultra-aggressive move, we seriously doubt she’s been paying attention to what her competitors are planning.

“Everyone’s going after Tesla,” Feuell is quoted as saying by The Detroit News, “but I think Chrysler is the one brand in the portfolio that has the capability to do that, because we’ll be hyper-focused on just a BEV offering, the design themes, and we saw a little bit of it when you saw the Airflow design. It’s very aero and contemporary with thoughtfully appointed technology that helps make the driving experience easier, better and safer. And I think that we’ve got a real shot at taking on Tesla.”

Yep, that’s the secret sauce nobody else has: a completely battery-electric lineup. Except Cadillac and Volvo have stated they’re doing the same thing. Other premium brands might not be abandoning ICE platforms entirely by then, but they have an aggressive slate of new EV models set to hit the market by then. In other words, there’s little that’s unique about Chrysler’s plan. In fact, it’s a little lightweight, as we’ve come to expect.

Here’s to Chrysler continuing to trail behind everyone while maintaining a pathetically small model lineup. Hopefully it’s still around by 2028.

Source: The Detroit News

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