ABC News Details Out The “Nightmare” Of Driving An EV

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The sad part is they don’t seem to understand just how bad it is.

For years, I’ve been pointing out the obvious reasons so many people are hell-bent on not owning an electric car. Chief among them is the difficulty of charging an EV on the go, a concern which many electric vehicle enthusiasts have laughed off as no big deal. However, reports like one that was recently dropped by ABC News details out the absurd inconveniences involved with driving an EV any significant distance, especially in adverse weather conditions.

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The chief item in the report is the “logistical nightmare” of planning out a road trip, whether it’s in-state or interstate. While ABC mentions the Biden Administration’s plan to line interstate highways with charging stations, it still admits planning out vacations or other trips in an EV can be a difficult, nail-biting situation.

Broken chargers, lines, and even one person having the plug freeze in their car so they couldn’t disconnect once their battery was replenished are among the many difficulties. Fast chargers aren’t always available, requiring EV drivers and passengers to hang out at Walmarts, restaurants, etc. for over an hour at a time. That’s a far cry from refueling a vehicle in under 5 minutes and being on your way. The long the road trip, the more charging your car negatively impacts travel time.

Since so many EV owners are early adopters at the moment, some seem to take these inconveniences as part of the experience. They socialize at charging stations and form friendships. However, pushing EVs to mainstream adoption will blow that apart. The general public will be furious that a journey which normally would take 4 hours to complete will become a 5-7 hour ordeal.

If you’re not aware, in a regular ICE car when you switch on the air conditioning, heater, radio, and other conveniences they put a minimal or zero drag on the engine – the amount differs by the design. Since EVs draw power to run all those items and anything else in the cabin on the battery, it’s the equivalent of burning gas from your tank to stay warm, cool, etc. That means if you want to be comfortable the driving range of your EV is greatly diminished.

The ABC report detailed out how some EV occupants have suffered without heat or air conditioning just so they can reach the next charging station. Most people aren’t going to be onboard for this, especially when there’s a perfectly good alternative which has been perfected for over a century. I know this fact enrages EV apologists but it’s true: most people don’t want to drive an EV that badly.

To believe the government can wave its magic wand of taxpayer dollars and fix what is a fundamentally flawed way of fueling personal vehicles is just asinine. What’s even better is that ABC News tries to put a positive spin on the huge hits against electric cars, items I and many other have been pointing out for years while being called all sorts of names. There’s big money to be made in forcing everyone to switch over to EVs, after all, even if it severely restricts how everyone travels around our vast country. Our ruling elites, with their private jets and so on don’t really care how the rest of us live just as long as we do as we’re told and drive the EV.

Source: ABC News

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