Soon Your Face Could Unlock Your Car

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Just wait until thieves figure this out.

If you’re like most people, you haven’t thought that much about biometrics and car security. Most newer vehicles come with a keyless entry and ignition system, most of which have proven to be rather easy for thieves with the right equipment and training to steal. While some brands like Audi and Tesla have done a better job of staying ahead of hackers, much of the current theft trend is fueled by this convenient technology.

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Some newer vehicles offer an encrypted key on your smartphone, which usually comes with the latest and greatest security features. In the past, I’ve worked on projects with engineers who insist instead of automakers trying to develop all kinds of onboard systems for car infotainment, they should really just project what’s on the driver’s smartphone since those are updated often. One of the features used on virtually every modern phone is biometric security, so there’s a push to have something very similar on cars.

This means your face could literally unlock your car in the future. Already, a few brands like Buick and Cadillac have experimented with this technology in the open market. There are other solutions which require the user to press their finger on the door handle so it can read their fingerprint. And there are others which require the driver to say a passphrase, with voice authentication used to unlock the car.

You might be thinking this is great because these technologies would make stealing your car far more difficult, and they might. But guess what some criminals will do if your face is the key to taking your ride? They’ll start kidnapping people, forcing them to open their cars, then executing them somewhere remote. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have someone steal my keys or even reprogram the ignition on my vehicle than to feel they need to use me as their human key, then dispose of me as a witness afterward.

While it’s gross, don’t think for a second some criminals wouldn’t think twice about severing hands to get past fingerprint readers. The only reason they don’t do this for phones is they’re worth considerably less than a car. I don’t like the idea of being my vehicle’s key for this very reason, but like so many in the tech industry, those pushing this technology are so preoccupied with the question of can they do something that they spend little to no time thinking if they ought to do that thing.

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