Woman Kills Thief Who Stole Her Car

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This is quite the turn of events.

Usually when there’s a car theft, the only person who’s killed is the owner of the vehicle. However, a woman in St. Louis County recently turned the tables on a car thief after he swiped her ride, killing him but also taking down some innocent bystanders. This story is quite bizarre and not one we hope to see repeated.

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According to a local news report, 35-year-old Demesha Coleman of Spanish Lake, Missouri has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder after she killed Darius Jackson, 19, and Joseph Farrar, 49. Another unnamed man was shot in the head but survived. One news report claims Farrar was an innocent bystander. His body was found not in the stolen vehicle but instead by a gas pump. The man who survived was found at the far end of the gas station, and it sounds like he might have also been an innocent bystander.

The whole thing started when Coleman’s vehicle was stolen some time before the deadly confrontation on December 23. Through means not disclosed, she was able to track down her car to a gas station in the area. Surveillance video reportedly shows her and an unidentified man approach a Hyundai Tucson to speak with the person inside.

Coleman opened the door of the crossover while raising the gun she was carrying. At the same time, the man with her opened another door, also pointing his gun at the person inside the Hyundai. Then Coleman fired a round, triggering a shootout.

Police say Coleman has no previous criminal record. She told detectives she didn’t go to the gas station to hurt the thief but rather to get her vehicle back. Now she’s facing some serious charges.

We’ve seen some people successfully recover their stolen car. It’s understandable how frustrating it is to have the police drag their feet when you report someone has taken your vehicle. However, we don’t recommend taking back your ride through physical violence or the threat of physical violence since you might cause an even bigger problem.

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Sources: KSDK News, WSAZ

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