North Las Vegas Carjacker Dead After Victim Turns The Tables

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Thank goodness this woman is safe!

There’s no denying carjackings have become all too commonplace these days, but the latest example out of North Las Vegas came to violent, fatal conclusion. According to a local report, two who were held at gunpoint in a violent carjacking survived after one turned the table on one of the two male thieves, grabbing his gun and shooting him dead.

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According to the report, the incident happened back on November 17 when the women arrived for a house party early, so they parked and waited in their car nearby. Sadly, when you’re in a parked vehicle you’re extremely vulnerable, even though most people believe they’re relatively safe.

The women say a car drove fast to where they were parked, pulling in front of them so they were blocked from leaving. Two black men got out, pointing guns and ordering the women out of the vehicle. Shocked, the victims just sat there, so one of the men pulled open the driver’s door and yanked her out by the shirt. That was the second mistake they made, not keeping the doors locked, although in this situation it probably wouldn’t have helped since the carjackers were armed.

One of the men jumped into the driver’s seat but couldn’t figure out how to shift the transmission out of Park. Frustrated, the man put his firearm in his lap. The passenger yelled at her friend to run away.

That’s when the other man jumped into one of the other seats and yelled at the first man to “just go.” That’s when the woman in the passenger seat sprang into action, grabbing the handgun, jumping out of the car, and running. Immediately, the carjacker tackled her from behind. The woman said she tried to struggle free but the man was too strong, so she turned and shot him dead.

Hearing the gunshot, the second carjacker started shooting at the woman. Finally free, the victim ran to a nearby house, hiding in the yard. As she took cover, she also cleared a jam in the gun, so she must have some firearm experience. Once police arrived, she surrendered and was put in handcuffs. After the details were sorted out, the woman was told she wasn’t under arrest.

They found one deceased man bleeding from his head, so it sounds like the victim got a headshot in. On December 2 police tracked down the second suspect, Jaylin Morrison, and were able to take him into custody. His vehicle matches the one seen on surveillance videos casing out the neighborhood before the carjacking. Now he’s facing charges of 2nd-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with the use of a deadly weapon, and attempted grand larceny of a vehicle.

Source: KVVU-TV

Photo via North Las Vegas Police

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