Multiple Suspects Are Wanted In $1 Million Car Heist

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They cleaned out the car dealership, according to police.

A North Carolina dealership was rocked earlier this month by a gang of thieves that stole at least 10 cars in a targeted heist. According to the Lillington police department, there are multiple suspects at large. If you thought new and used car prices were already too high, you can thank criminals like these for making the markup much higher to make up for the losses.

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Lillington Police Captain Goodman shared a gray Jeep Cherokee pulled up in the John Hiester Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lillington. It was around 4:15 am in the morning when the crew started breaking glass at the dealership building, and stealing key. They drove away, and returned with a U-Haul to steal the vehicles. When they came back with the U-Haul, they returned with many more people outside ready to take the cars. 

“We had a mixture of Challengers and Chargers and a Durango and all of the scat packs, or SRTs, were stolen,” says Jeremy Stephens, the Operations Director for the dealership. “Three of them were over $90,000.”

The cars were all priced between $50k-$90K a piece. “It was a struggle to get cars on the lot anyway so we had some cars here and now they’re not,” Stephens said. “There’s at least six or eight guys and as soon as they got keys, they kind of dispersed and started driving out in cars.”

According to the dealership, a lot of the sensors had been unwired because the property was undergoing construction. In addition to the stolen cars, the crooks also left damaged cars in their wake. 

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