Couple Intentionally Caused Crashes, Uploaded Videos Online

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It never happened unless you get a bunch of likes, right?

We all know people who live too much of their life online, but a couple in California took things to a new level by uploading dashcam footage of them causing car crashes to YouTube. Allegedly, the man and woman caused the accidents to fraudulently collect insurance money. However, they wanted to monetize the scheme further while gaining some social media credibility.

Watch a Dodge Charger successfully run from Arkansas cops repeatedly here.

The thing is prosecutors and other members of law enforcement absolutely will comb the internet for evidence. With the dashcam footage they had all that was necessary to go after these two genius criminal masterminds.

Now, the husband and wife are facing felony charges related to a whopping 17 insurance claims prosecutors say were fraudulently filed. Even worse, the couple documented 23 separate collisions on their YouTube channel. How they were able to cause so many without facing consequences sooner is a mystery, but it’s no wonder investigators were on to them.

In total, the couple uploaded 42 different crash videos to their channel, with a total of 162 videos on it that included many near collisions. It seems that in at least some of them, they mocked the people they set up to take the fall just like any good sociopath would do. You can’t watch those videos because the whole channel has been taken down.

We don’t know how someone would even cook up such a scheme, but prosecutors say the couple has been doing this since the summer of 2020. Which one came up with the thought of scamming people for insurance money by making them crash, then having the stroke of genius to put all the evidence online is also a mystery right now. We just hope nobody else decides this is a good idea.

Source and images: KTLA 5

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