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It’s been quite the interesting week in the automotive world.

Turbulent, that’s the best word I can use to describe the automotive market right now. With technologies looking to disrupt the status quo, especially as automaker war for the small but to them very important EV niche, plus economic woes, talk of war, and lingering effects from covid shutdowns, the industry is definitely in flux at the moment. That’s reflected in some of the news stories included in the Underground this week.

The Grand Tour might be dead.

People are absolutely floored by an article in Variety this week which claims Amazon is about to part ways with Jeremy Clarkson and cancel The Grand Tour. The cited reason is a column Clarkson published in The Sun back in December which was critical of Meghan Markle. While Clarkson has issued an apology since, it seems the wheels of justice through cancellation of Clarkson’s two shows, The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm, are already in motion. Maybe the trio could go independent and show off their automotive shenanigans elsewhere?

Read the Variety article here.

Watch a stolen Range Rover lead police in the UK on a dramatic chase here.

Citroen CEO says the age of SUVs is over.

Citroen, a weird little French brand which hasn’t been in the US market for some time, isn’t something most people take too seriously. So, when the CEO told Auto Express in an interview this week that “the world of SUVs is done” and it will be EVs that kills them off, anyone with any sense laughed it off. However, those who believe we all should be driving shoeboxes hailed his declaration as some sort of prophecy. I don’t think this will age well at all.

Read the interview here.

BMW wants you to watch the game on your dashboard.

BMW unveiled a pilot program where Bundesliga games would be beamed onto the middle of the digital dashboard of the 7 Series. If you don’t know, Bundesliga is a professional German soccer league. Somehow, watching any sport in your car seems like a bad idea for the driver. However, if this program is successful it will expand to other BMW models. And it will probably spread to other brands.

Read more about it here (source is in German).

Virginia shoots down Ford plant proposal.

Controversy is swirling around Virginia Glenn Youngkin’s decision to veto the construction of a Ford battery plant proposed for the southern end of the state. A Youngkin spokesperson said the decision had to do with the involvement of a Chinese partner connected to the Chinese Communist Party. However, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer characterized the move as purely political since Youngkin is rumored to be lining up for a presidential run. That’s an odd attack considering the factory now goes to Michigan, so Whitmer should be overjoyed at winning out, hinting that her attack is political since she’s rumored to be gearing up for a presidential run as well.

Read more about this story here.

BMW Motorrad posts its best sales ever.

Plenty of people have been predicting the death of the motorcycle market for years, however recently sales have been rather robust. That’s evidenced yet again with BMW Motorrad achieving a new annual sales record for 2022 with 202,895 motorcycles and scooters delivered to customers. That puts the brand in the top slot for premium two-wheeled transportation globally.

Read more about it here.

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