Tennessee Road Rage Turns Into Homicide

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Some things just aren’t worth escalating.

A shooting after a road rage incident involving the occupants of a Camaro and a Nissan Altima left one dead in Nashville. This is the sort of thing which should concern everyone since all it takes is coming across the wrong hothead who’s also packing heat for everything to take a sudden, violent turn.

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According to a press release from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the incident began at around 9:30 am on January 17 when 22-year-old Caleb Harney was driving in the Nissan Altima and was cut off by the Camaro driver. Because of that slight, Harney began following the Camaro.

The other driver likely realized what Harney was doing, so he brake checked the Nissan, which slammed into the back of the Camaro. However, the damage wasn’t too severe because the Chevy muscle car sped off after.

With the situation escalating out of control, Harney decided to give chase once more. In an attempt to escape his pursuer, the Camaro driver hit another car, his vehicle leaving the road. Harney reportedly followed and one can only imagine why.

A passenger in the Camaro got out of the wrecked vehicle and started yelling and cursing, obviously upset at what happened. Harney also got out of his car and claimed the Camaro passenger grabbed him around the waist as if he were going to try slamming Harney to the ground. That’s when Harney pulled out a handgun he had in his pants, shooting the Camaro passenger fatally.

Instead of just waiting for the police and explaining what happened, Harney allegedly hid the gun in a field nearby, seemingly to keep officers from discovering it. However, detectives found it, so his efforts were fruitless.

Harney is now facing a charge of criminal homicide and was booked into jail with a $100,000 bond. The big takeaway from this is if someone cuts you off or does anything else you don’t like while you’re driving, just let it go. Escalating the situation, which it sounds like both parties did, can cause a simple slight to spin out of control into a violent, maybe even a fatal incident.  

Source and photo: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

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