Stolen Range Rover Leads UK Police On Dramatic Chase

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This didn’t end well for the thief…

We don’t see too many dramatic police car chases out of the UK, however this one involving a stolen Range Rover is pretty crazy. Not only did the suspect swipe some poor woman’s luxury SUV, her dog was still inside as the thief tried getting away from a police officer who would not be deterred. In the end the driver’s skills are outstripped and he ends up rolling the Range Rover, drawing the chase to a close.

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According to The Independent, which shared the police dashcam video to YouTube, the suspect is a serial car thief, so it wasn’t exactly the guy’s first rodeo. What really got him was the spike strip an officer successfully deploys at the start of the video. With the Range Rover’s tires (sorry, tyres) deflating rapidly, he struggles to maintain control of the heavy luxury SUV while barreling down a two-lane country road at 120 mph.

The dog, which looks like a black Lab, appears to limp away from officers after climbing out of the wreckage. It then trotted down the road, but we hope authorities were eventually able to scoop it up without incident.

Perhaps part of the reason why we don’t see many dramatic police chases in England is the fact small, four-cylinder or even worse three-cylinder hatchbacks rule the roads there. Unlike here in the US, there aren’t many V8-powered cars, meaning if someone does steal a car and tries to make a run for it, the chase will look more like a scene from a Mr. Bean episode than The Dukes of Hazzard.

To some, that sounds like an ideal society. We don’t agree with that viewpoint, even though some people abuse the muscle cars and other fun rides we enjoy on this side of the pond. Not only that, here in the US we have some pretty steep, long mountain passes which would make one of those little hatchbacks downright treacherous to drive.

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