Chop Shop Bust Reveals Stolen BMW

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Police arrested two suspects.

As cars get more and more complicated and use even more materials in their initial production, values keep on skyrocketing. Not to mention the fact that used and new car prices are going up exponentially, the price of parts is also getting higher and higher. Along with putting the working people of America in a difficult position, whether their car enthusiast or simply someone who needs to make a repair in their vehicle, criminals have also begun to capitalize on the matter. Now is the best time for a criminal to steal a complicated and over engineered car that uses way too many parts for a normal person to afford to replace and part it out. So what are we supposed to do in a world where everything you own has to be incredibly valuable, to the point of financially ruining you if you lose it, and defending your property is virtually criminalized in the eyes of most law-enforcement?

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That’s right, you’re reading about the newest ChopShop bust, something that you probably sadly weren’t surprised to hear. Crime has been skyrocketing recently, at least we’ve been hearing about it more, and the hits just keep on coming. This time, it was in Coventry, and had more than a few pretty high priced and highly valuable sports cars. As you might have expected, the vehicles included range from BMWs to Fords. Apparently, nothing is this from the cold grip of greed.

Police discovered a chop shop Thursday in the Coventry area with multiple Ford Transit and that BMW we mentioned earlier. These cars were stolen, chopped up, parted out, and thrown away. In total, two men were arrested and hopefully more information will come out about how they were able to pull off their scheme. It takes more than just two people trying an operation like this one and you could reasonably assume it’s probably not the only one in the area. So the question remains, how many of these complex car thieves are there out there?

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