Los Angeles Tesla Road Rager Arrested

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It’s about time before someone was seriously injured or worse.

Road rage is a stupid thing to do, but in cities like Los Angeles it’s an unfortunate reality people must deal with too often. Even with that taken into account, incidents involving a Tesla driver who would get out of his electric vehicle and swing a pipe or crowbar at victims’ vehicles was enough to grip people in the City of Angels with a considerable amount of fear.

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Our understanding is nobody was seriously injured in the attacks, although it sounds like their vehicles needed some repairs after taking a literal beating. That’s a miracle since a couple of good swings with a big pipe or crowbar could be enough to bust through a window, allowing the attacker to get at the people inside the vehicle.

To the shock of nobody, a local news report says the suspect, Nathaniel Radimak, has been arrested before for road rage. In other words, this might not have been his first rodeo and it makes one wonder if he’s done it other times without getting caught.

Police reportedly found steroids in the guy’s Tesla when they finally arrested him. Again, that’s not much of a surprise since “roid rage” is a real thing. Seriously, if you want to get ripped, take some creatine, maybe a pre-workout drink (not the alcoholic kind), and hit the gym daily. Trying to shortcut success like that just makes you like the actors in Hollywood who try to tell everyone they’re 100% natural.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is stopping and getting out of their car, the worst thing you can do is escalate the situation and get out of your vehicle or even roll down the window. The best thing you can do is drive off. Sure, the person might follow you, but that’s when you drive to the nearest police station. Getting out of your vehicle exposes you to all kinds of attacks instead of calming down someone who already wants to beat the smack out of you for some perceived slight on the road.

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