Classic Car Owner Is Fuming About Paint Shop

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He claims they didn’t finish the job.

Paint jobs are too expensive for the so-called professionals to be messing around with poor quality or cheating their customers out of good work. That’s exactly the lesson one classic car owner found out as he took his car in for a job that would have totaled up to $5,000 and got pretty much screwed out of his cash. It all started in July of 2022 when the owner of the vehicle paid an upfront cost of $2,000 for a paint job that the shop claimed would be done by September. In August, the man was set to pay $1,000 to make up for the cost of materials and once the job was done the rest of the total would be $2,000.

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As you might have expected, the shop, Twisted City Customs at 21979 N. Macarthur Ave., took this dude on a wild goose chase, according to the source, as he saw his car month after month sitting there and not getting worked on. He paid in August under the impression the painter needed some more supplies. However, things began getting really weird as no progress had been made on the car at that point, about a month after the initial purchase. The owner of the vehicle began questioning the shop and everytime he called, all he got were excuses.

Well, December came around and absolutely nothing had happened with the vehicle so the man was understandably upset. Here’s a great lesson, when someone tries to walk on you, keep your cool and begin researching legal action. That’s a pretty important theme as the shop eventually claimed the car’s driver was harassing them, who wouldn’t be if they had nearly $3,000 allegedly taken from them? Eventually, the guy got his car back but hasn’t received a refund which is odd because, while the shop says their contract says no refunds, the driver said he didn’t sign a contract. The account of what happened is a confusing situation, and it seems like a prime example of a shop overstepping and taking on too many projects at once at the expense of their customer.

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