1967 Chevelle Packs A Viper Punch

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Holy blasphemous, awesome combination!

Every once in a while a vehicle that’s very special appears on Bring A Trailer, like this 1967 Chevelle with a supercharged Viper V10 engine swap. This is the sort of thing we dream up when we’re feeling particularly sinister, but to follow through with such a build doesn’t just require being a mad scientist, you must be incredibly patient and about as resourceful as MacGyver.

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Nestled under that spacious muscle car hood is an 8.3-liter V10 donated by a Dodge Viper. While that’s pretty insane, but the guy responsible for this build went a step further and added a Paxton supercharger. Bringing you the ultimate driving experience is a six-speed manual transmission, because something like this is too good to pair with an automatic.

Of course, there’s more to a good build than just crazy V10 power. That’s where features on this Chevelle like power steering, four-wheel Wilwood disc brakes, RideTech air suspension, and a modified Schwartz Performance chassis help balance everything out. Still, we don’t think this is a ride for an amateur to try driving hard.

There are some nice touches on this build, too. For example, the side-exit exhaust is a nice tribute to the engine donor, although they’re not quite as prone to burning ankles. Some nice comforts come via the TMI Pro-Series low-back bucket front seats, Vintage Air AC, power windows, and a Custom Autosound USA-230 digital stereo. That last item seems the most superfluous since we’d be addicted to hearing that supercharged V10 under the load.

This is the kind of ride that could really get you into trouble, but it’s too cool to resist. Its’ up on Bring A Trailer right now with 5 days left on the auction. So far, the high bid is $75,000 but we’re sure the final amount will be much higher, making this a plaything not everyone can afford.

Check out the lot listing for this car here.

Images via Bring A Trailer

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