1967 Chevelle Packs A Viper Punch

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Holy blasphemous, awesome combination!

Every once in a while a vehicle that’s very special appears on Bring A Trailer, like this 1967 Chevelle with a supercharged Viper V10 engine swap. This is the sort of thing we dream up when we’re feeling particularly sinister, but to follow through with such a build doesn’t just require being a mad scientist, you must be incredibly patient and about as resourceful as MacGyver.

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Images via Bring A Trailer

Nestled under that spacious muscle car hood is an 8.3-liter V10 donated by a Dodge Viper. While that’s pretty insane, but the guy responsible for this build went a step further and added a Paxton supercharger. Bringing you the ultimate driving experience is a six-speed manual transmission, because something like this is too good to pair with an automatic.

Images via Bring A Trailer

Of course, there’s more to a good build than just crazy V10 power. That’s where features on this Chevelle like power steering, four-wheel Wilwood disc brakes, RideTech air suspension, and a modified Schwartz Performance chassis help balance everything out. Still, we don’t think this is a ride for an amateur to try driving hard.

Images via Bring A Trailer

There are some nice touches on this build, too. For example, the side-exit exhaust is a nice tribute to the engine donor, although they’re not quite as prone to burning ankles. Some nice comforts come via the TMI Pro-Series low-back bucket front seats, Vintage Air AC, power windows, and a Custom Autosound USA-230 digital stereo. That last item seems the most superfluous since we’d be addicted to hearing that supercharged V10 under the load.

Images via Bring A Trailer

This is the kind of ride that could really get you into trouble, but it’s too cool to resist. Its’ up on Bring A Trailer right now with 5 days left on the auction. So far, the high bid is $75,000 but we’re sure the final amount will be much higher, making this a plaything not everyone can afford.

Check out the lot listing for this car here.

Images via Bring A Trailer

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