Let’s Go To Prison: Salt Life Edition

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Michael Troy Hutto sentenced after pleading guilty to manslaughter of 18-year-old girlfriend.

If there is one thing you should know as a gun owner in America, it’s that playing with a firearm is not exactly the best way to ensure that you and your companion stay alive. A valuable tool for self-defense, weapons like those are not necessarily bad, they just require a high level of care to take Into consideration when carrying. However, there seems to be a very odd trend among movie stars, the ultra rich, and Hollywood superstars. Recently, the co-founder of Salt Life has pleaded guilty to manslaughter after he shot his girlfriend to death in their apartment. Receiving 12 years in prison, that may sound like a lot but to be honest it seems like this guy got off pretty easily, so how did he do it?

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Essentially, while on a trip to see a friend of his, he and his 18 year old girlfriend spent some time on a Florida beach before going back to their hotel room. In the room, the couple were playing and allegedly pretending to shoot each other with finger guns. That’s when this dude whipped out his real gun and started playing as if he was going to shoot the girl. It’s understandable how some things that you or I might not see as funny could be absolutely hilarious within the confines of four walls among two people who know each other pretty well but swinging a loaded gun around is not exactly the safest thing to do.

Long story short, this 18 year old girl was shot to death and now the man is pleading guilty. Some may be wondering, how this is not straight up murder. There’s a very simple explanation that apparently you and I are too stupid to really fully understand the scope of, or it’s just a copout that doesn’t make sense. Apparently, using the Alec Baldwin line of reasoning, the gun just went off completely absolving the man of any serious guilt in a very convenient way. Because there weren’t any other real witnesses that testified to the contrary, that is apparently good enough. I don’t have any doubt that it was a simple accident and that he didn’t mean to kill the girl, however, the first thing you should learn when you get a firearm is that you don’t point it at anybody unless you’re going to shoot. Moral of the story, don’t be like Alec Baldwin or Michael Troy Hutto.

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