Car Crashes Into Second Story Window

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Not exactly a Cyrano de Bergerac move there.

Usually when cars hit houses they crash through somewhere on the ground level, but a vehicle in California instead crashed through a second-story window. The incident, which happened in Placer County, which is northeast of Sacramento, required first responders to shut off power in the area as they stabilized the roof where the crossover landed.

Watch a guy quickly crash his rental C8 Corvette here.

Photos of the surrounding terrain give a clue about how the vehicle went airborne, hitting the window and landing on the attached carport’s roof. There is an embankment pictured next to the house with a wire fence. It appears a section of the fence was damaged when the crossover drove through/over it before crashing into the residence.

While nobody in the house was injured, the driver of the car suffered unspecified injuries serious enough for an emergency medical team to begin treatment in the house’s second story immediately after extraction from the interior. Hopefully the driver makes a full recovery. No cause for the accident was cited in a local report from Fox 40.

Before anyone automatically assumes this accident was caused by alcohol or drug use, these types of things can also happen when someone has a medical emergency, falls asleep behind the wheel, or even is distracted while driving. Whatever the cause, it’s evident the crossover left the road at a pretty good clip and the end result is scary, but it could’ve been far worse.

This incident is a great reminder to drive with care, not exceeding your own skills, especially at night when visibility is lessened. This includes adjusting your speed for conditions and avoiding traveling if you’re overly tired. After all, life can come at you fast and a routine car trip might turn into a disaster in a heartbeat.

Photos via CAL Fire NEU

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