Apple AirTag Helps Cops To Recover Family’s Stolen Car In Minutes

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The family’s highly valuable asset is saved by a cheap tracker.

When Apple came out with the AirTag, it seemed like an easy way for the everyday person to get stalked, robbed, or kidnapped. However, a new story has popped up showing a family rejoicing after having the exact opposite of what many suspected the tags were being used for really happened. Thankfully, the thieves of this vehicle didn’t stand a chance and some are wondering if this could mean a retaliation of citizens against the criminals that seek to destroy their very livelihood. According to this report, the only thing standing between you and losing your car could be an Apple AirTag. 

See a stolen car go on a stroll around the mall here.

This is a great case to show off exactly what to do to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and even better for how to get it back in the case that it is eventually taken. One point made by the family’s doorbell camera is that thieves usually take some time to break into a vehicle. As such, many automotive-related crimes can be classified as spontaneous in the sense that they’re looking to grab a vehicle they can easily take and get away with. So, as the video footage shows, the first thing to learn here is to lock your car doors as the criminals tried a few other vehicles to see if their doors were locked.

Finally, the next thing to learn is to invest in an Apple AirTag as it saved this daily from many tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Basically what happened was that a thief broke into the family’s vehicle and took off within just a few minutes, pretty much taking away one of the people’s most valuable assets. It didn’t take much once the police were called as the AirTag showed the vehicle’s location within a matter of minutes and in just a few hours they got their car back. All of this is thanks to a little track that only costs around $30 so it really makes you wonder, should you get your hands on one?

Source: WRAL News

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