The Rock Expresses Message Of Love After His Mother’s Car Accident

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The humanity in us all combined to celebrate this woman’s survival, and the message behind it.

Hopefully you’ve never been in a car accident or had a loved one experience it but chances are it’s probably happened. So many lose everything in a split second for a myriad of reasons on the road every year. Recently, the Rock’s mother was involved in a pretty wild one herself and Johnson took the opportunity to spread a message about treating our loved ones, “Hug ‘Em Hard.”

See a stolen car go on a stroll around the mall here.

His mother is a miracle of sorts when you look into her past and experiences with various life-threatening events. Originally diagnosed with lung cancer, the woman beat her illness alll while working through her rough marriage situation. Eventually those were fights she was able to win but when first responders showed up to the scene of her accident, its likely not many expected the 74 year old to have made it.

Thankfully, she survived and will now live to kick another day, albeit with a pretty massive chunk taken out of her Cadillac’s front bumper. It looks like a pretty standard head-on collision and even the post showing the cars damage reference a drunk driver I climbed. However, police are not really releasing a ton of information about the mother’s incident. Generally, the details don’t really have a lot to do with the main theme here which is, if you still have your family then love and cherish them because it’s not guaranteed that they’ll be there forever.

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