Biden Administration Gears Up For More Car Regulations

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We haven’t seen anything yet!

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry made it known we’ll be seeing more emissions restrictions for cars and trucks coming soon enough. This was made clear during a recent interview with Yahoo News, which you can see in the video included.

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If you thought the Inflation Reduction Act, which objectively has done nothing to shrink inflation, was aggressive when it came to climate action in the United States, that was just an opening salvo in a war ostensibly to keep the planet from overheating. As the interviewer points out that the IRA won’t reduce emissions as much as the US promised it would by 2030, Kerry reassures him that plenty more is coming.

Among the actions he rattles off are the many, many executive orders signed by President Joe Biden, plus regulations when it comes to light and heavy-duty vehicles, including at the state and municipal level. Still, Kerry describes the IRA as a “huge leap forward.” He, of course, doesn’t explain exactly why that is because he assumes everyone believes EV batteries are manufactured by elves in a magical land without emissions.

Thankfully, the interviewer didn’t just toss complete softball questions at Kerry. At one point he asked the so-called “climate czar” if he has been flying around the world on private jets, something which would be rather hypocritical and yet has been well-documented. In typical John Kerry fashion he looked pointblank and the man and denied doing so, then said it was okay for those fighting climate change to fly in private jets since “they’re working harder than most.” The man is practiced at talking out of both sides of his mouth, something he’s been doing for decades.

Everyone needs to hear what Kerry said because he lays bare the attitude of this administration and many of the people in D.C. They don’t care how much pain you suffer as they engage in this crusade to supposedly save the planet from warming up a few degrees. While you have to alter your lifestyle dramatically and for the worse, those who are leading this charge will be doing so from the rear as they literally jet around the world and enjoy all of the same luxuries they always have. The whole thing is so incredibly similar to the stratified society in the USSR and Mao’s reign of terror in China it’s disgusting but somehow not surprising.

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